Ultrasonic Diagnosis

Ultrasonic diagnosis is a method of examination that in a completely invasive way, without harmful effects on the body and tissue, gives a very easy and accurate insight into the condition of the abdominal organs.
Ultrasound easily detects stone in gall bladder and gallbladder, kidney stone, monitors and controls pregnancy, growth and development of the baby in the stomach, revealing tumor changes, bleeding or free fluid in the stomach.


Ultrasound examination is a completely harmless method of examining internal organs. In our offer, polyclinic patients are available for storing Siemens appliances and professional staff working on them. The scanning technique is based on high frequency sounds that pass through the tissues and organs, they are reflecting at different speeds, returning to probe and visualizing on the screen.


It has already been emphasized that the review is painless, non-aggressive and harmless to the patient, and can provide significant data and, therefore, make it easier to set the exact diagnosis, to the physician who will refer the patient to the examination. Also, examinations can also be used as prevention, that is, regular systematic examinations at a certain age (with heart, with thyroid glands, abdomen, breast, doppler of blood vessels of the neck, etc.), which in our institution can be done at an affordable prices within the review package for women and men. The examination is carried out by the gaseous zone, which facilitates a better flow of US waves through the skin and a probe stops there (the transmitter and recipient of the returned US waves). All this is processed and displayed on the screen in the form of a two-dimensional image. Preparation for these reviews is largely unnecessary, and if so, it is emphasized when scheduling them.


Atrijum Polyclinic offers you the following UZ tests:

  • US of abdomen
  • US of thyroid gland
  • US of neck
  • USĀ  of peripheral lymph nodes
  • US of lower part of legs muscular system
  • US of upper part of legs muscular system
  • US of knee
  • US of heart
  • US of heart – eksp. method
  • TCD
  • US of prostate
  • CDI of blood vessels of the neck
  • CDI of upper extremities
  • CDI of lower extremities
  • CDI of renal arteries

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