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Polyclinic Atrijum is one of the most equipped private polyclinics with a modernly equipped ultrasound cabinet, a cardiac cabinet, a radiology center and a laboratory. For all your needs, there are high quality ultrasonic and radiological appliances. All our services are performed by experienced, professional and discreet staff, and our employees are among the best medical experts in their fields.

Internal medicine is based on an internistic review that should be handled by each patient at least once a year.

We offer each patient at the Atricum Polyclinic first-of-a-kind introduction of staff, and then their own selection of their own medical experts.

Patients in the field of internal medicine pass a few steps before establishing a complete diagnosis.

  • When a patient arrives at the Atrijum Polyclinic, it is necessary to open and fill in a medical record.
  • After the opening of the medical record, a conversation with the selected medical expert in the appropriate office is followed.
  • A detailed physical examination is then carried out, which involves measuring blood pressure, ECG recording and a detailed physical examination.
  • Recieving tests results is arranged for […]

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Polyclinic Atrijum Sarajevo specializes in the field of family medicine.

Polyclinic Atrijum is the first clinic in Bosnia and Herzegovina to launch a family healthcare system in the private health / medical sector according to the highest world standards. Also, it is important to emphasize the agreement with the Health Institute of the Canton Sarajevo, according to which all ZZOKS insured persons can exercise their rights to family treatment with a health booklet issued in Sarajevo Canton.

All the rights and services that patients have so far exercised in the current (state or private) outpatient clinics of family medicine, can now be realized in our country as well […]

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Neurology deals specifically with the description and explanation of the clinical picture of the disease caused by pathological processes and lesions in certain structures of the nervous system or disorders in its functioning.

You can do at the Atrium Polyclinic:

Complete neurological examination

Psychiatric examination

TCD ( transcranial dopler )

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Polyclinic Atrijum offers a preventive program of systematic physical examination aimed at improving and strengthening the health of our present and future patients. A physical review is a preventive examination in which an early disease is detected, which in most cases allows for successful treatment.

Today’s lifestyle, consisting of long hours, frequent business meetings, stressful situations, unhealthy habits, poor nutrition and less physical activity puts our body under big and continuous stress that greatly aggravates our health and speeds up the development of the disease.

With our preventive programs focusing on disease prevention and timely detection of initial symptoms […]

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In order to provide a complete and high-quality service to our patients, Polyclinic Atrijum has been built by a modern Radiology Center.

In our radiology center, our patients now have spiral CT and universal RTG devices that can respond to all radiological requirements. From radiological services we offer CT brain, spine, spinal cord, thoracic organs, hips, abdomen, extremities, etc., and from the RTG search you can perform RTG urinary tract, abdominal (native shot), pelvis, gastroduodenum, enterography (passage of the intestine)

Also, Polyclinic Atrijum allows all patients to […]

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Cardiovascular and blood vessel diseases are the most common cause of death. Every other person dies due to coronary artery disease and / or its complications. Detection of coronary artery disease and other cardiac diseases in time is crucial for successful treatment and healing.

Using cardiac services at the Polyclinic Atrijum in the form of a separate search, or a cardiac examination pacemaker, offer everything necessary for preventive action against various types of cardiac disorders. Also, various packages of cardiological examinations, searches and services can be tailored to the needs of clients so that you get the optimum service according to your needs.

Polyclinic Atrijum is recognized by its […]

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Ultrasonic diagnosis falls into methods of examination which in a completely non-invasive manner, without harmful effects on the organism and tissue, give a very easy and accurate insight into the state of the organs in the abdomen, the appearance of the thyroid gland, testes, changes in the subcutaneous layer of the skin and neck.

Ultrasound can easily detect stone in the gallbladder and gallstones, kidney stones, monitor and control pregnancy, growth and development of the baby in the stomach, tumor changes, bleeding or free fluid in the stomach are detected.

Atrijum Polyclinic offers you the following US tests:

  • US examination of the thyroid gland;
  • Color Dopler blood vessels of the neck;
  • US of urinary bladder;
  • […]

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Pulmology is a part of internal medicine. Pulmology deals with the treatment of lung disease and respiratory system such as pneumonia, lung infections, asthma, tuberculosis, emphysema, and the like. Pulmonary treatment begins with diagnosis of a general medical examination which includes:

  • Hereditary diseases affecting the lungs (eg cystic fibrosis);
  • Exposure to toxins (eg nicotine, asbestos);
  • Exposure to infectious particles (eg bird flu);
  • Autoimmune disorders predisposed to individual lung conditions (eg pulmonary fibrosis);

Atrium Polyclinic offers you diagnostics […]

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If your challenge is directly related to your goals and the achievements you want to achieve, and if you want to learn how to communicate and be the best in communication, refresh your resources and maximize them in the fields, discover the maps of other people, then surely you can help the life coach .

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Modern medicine today can not be imagined without laboratory diagnostics which is very important for rapid detection of the disease, monitoring the flow of it and curing. Special attention in the work of the laboratory is aimed at managing the quality of the entire work process, from the moment of receipt of the request to the publication of the findings.

Laboratory findings provide much of the information on which doctors’ decisions are based, therefore any possible error can significantly affect the well-being of the patient. However, patients must be aware that the process of obtaining findings consists of several stages and that each of them can influence the finding, especially the pre-analytic phase.

Appropriate preparation of the patient is different and depends on the analysis carried out, and most often it relates to previous nutrition, physical activity, time of day or cycle […]

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An overview of the orthopedema includes a history, a clinical examination, and a method of treatment. Anamnesis is a detailed conversation in which the patient has a problem and all the details of a doctor led.

Clinical examination includes the examination of the pain area – pain on the pressure, the range of movement, the state of individual ligaments and other structures in the wrist. It is very often necessary to do the RTG recording that is performed as part of the review. After setting the diagnosis, the therapy is determined, ie the treatment method […]

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Acupuncture is one of the oldest methods of treatment. Acupuncture is a type of traditional Chinese, Indian and Tibetan medicine.

It is used to alleviate various diseases by bringing in the balance of vital energy Qi. If a meridian occurs in the body of an energy block, the body functions become weaker, pain develops, and eventually there are disorders and illnesses. Research has proven that this method positively affects the nervous, endocrine, immunological, cardiovascular and digestive systems, as well as helping to alleviate various pains and to make you feel good in your own body.

The World Health Organization recognized acupuncture as a treatment method and compiled a list of diseases […]

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Ophthalmology is an area of medicine that deals with anatomy, function, illness and eye treatment. Ophthalmology is divided into several branches such as:

  • Rosemasons and external illnesses;
  • Glaucoma;
  • Neuro-oftamology;
  • Ophthalmological pathologies;
  • Ophthalmic plastic surgery;
  • Pediatric ophthalmology;
  • Vitreoretinal diseases;

A complete eye examination consists of a series of examinations performed by an ophthalmologist, an optometrist or an orthotologist, where the patient’s vision and ability to focus on objects are examined, as well as […]

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