Physical examination

Physical examinations are a series of medical examinations aimed at improving and strengthening health, diagnosing early stage illness and rehabilitating.
Polyclinic Atrijum offers preventive programs focused on disease prevention and prevention of further deterioration of health status.

Although the main goal of medicine is to treat the sick, the ideal to be tended is to prevent the disease from coming. Sometimes the disease can not be avoided, but its early detection is extremely useful in order to cure it more efficiently. And that’s why preventive reviews are invaluable.

Preventive physical examination- as soon as we pronounce this word, we think of the pupil age, they are a little older and ready to go to the army. Later, unfortunately, doctors see us mostly when we are ill. However, the goal of medicine is to treat the sick, but the ideal it tends to prevent is the disease or at least be detected at an early stage when treatment is faster and more successful.

What is a physical overview? – It is a detailed overview of the whole body, as well as most organs in an effort to detect the disease at an early stage. The patient is looked at “from head to toe”, the best result is when it is determined that the person concerned is healthy, but if the results of the examination point to any problem, the treatment begins. The question is how healthy we are if we take into account the rise of many risk factors that a modern lifestyle carries with it. Among them are unhealthy and irregular nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle without sufficient physical activity, stress and smoking.

Damage to blood vessels, heart attack, and stroke results in an increasing incidence of high blood pressure, excessive body weight, diabetes and high blood fats. It’s not so rare that risk factors for all of these diseases have been “squatting” in us for years, we are not even aware of it, and we only discover them at a systematic review. It’s not just about the risks of cardiovascular disease, there are frequent malignant diseases, respiratory diseases, digestive problems, gum disease, etc.

Preventive physical overview is particularly important for the detection of malignant diseases – prostate cancer in a man, breast and uterine cancer in women, stomach and colon cancer, and lung cancer. The success of the treatment and their further prognosis are significantly dependent on the early detection of these diseases, as they often develop abnormalities, with almost no symptoms. Regular systematic examinations enable the timely detection of certain malignant changes, either by means of the so-called. screening or screening (such as determining the PSA concentration in men, mammography and breast ultrasound in women), or targeted diagnosis in a family member of a person suffering from a malignant disease.

A physical overview should be done once a year or at least once every two years, which depends on age, health status and risk factors for the development of certain diseases. Older age, one or more chronic diseases, and malignancies and some other serious illnesses in the family justify more frequent systematic examinations. The most important thing is to be aware of how to prevent the occurrence of a disease, however much more effective and cheaper than to treat it later.

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