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Life coaching

We live in a fast, consumer, consumer age where there are increasing efforts to respond to the demands of the society. The growing need for professional faces becomes a part of everyday life in order to save ourselves from an accelerated pace of life in time and get into the breath of harmony that we are only pursuing and which only a few know, is able to find.

Why life coaching ?

If your challenge is directly related to your goals and the achievements you want to achieve, and if you want to learn how to communicate and be the best in communication, refresh your resources and maximize them in the fields, discover the maps of other people, then surely you can help the life coach .

Life coach or life coach becomes an interest in the future. The life trainer knows the process and means of change, and helps people to achieve their positive changes in the fields of health, personal development, interpersonal relationships, careers, spirituality and finances.

The purpose is to get the best out of the client and enable him to make quality decisions. The goal is one step. A staircase leading you to your dreams. Steps from which you leave your comfort zone. The staircase that says NOW is the moment – I want a change and I want my personal life coach.

In Atrijum Polyclinic you can get life coaching services.

Alma Al-Daher, B.Sc. psychologist and Internacional Life coach

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