Laboratory today is an essential part of the medical process that examines samples from biochemistry, hematology, etc.
Laboratory tests are usually taking samples for complete blood count, tumor, virus, hormone testing, etc.

Modern medicine today can not be imagined without laboratory diagnostics which is very important for rapid detection of the disease, monitoring the flow of it and curing. Special attention in the work of the laboratory is aimed at managing the quality of the entire work process, from the moment of receipt of the request to the publication of the findings.

Laboratory findings provide much of the information on which doctors’ decisions are based, therefore any possible error can significantly affect the well-being of the patient. However, patients must be aware that the process of obtaining findings consists of several stages and that each of them can influence the finding, especially the pre-analytic phase. In short, the process of obtaining findings can be simplified through three phases: pre-analytic, analytical, and post-analytic. It is known that most of the errors in laboratory work stem from the pre-analytic phase, which is the one that can be influenced by patients. Appropriate preparation of the patient is different and depends on the analysis carried out, and most often it relates to previous nutrition, physical activity, time of day or cycle, and taking any medications that may affect the results of the analyzes.

The Atrijum Polyclinic Laboratory provides a large number of different searches. The analyzes are performed with the most modern automatic analyzers, using the best quality reagents and regular quality control.

Reliability, accuracy and precision of laboratory findings are our priority, so visit us and see for yourself the quality of services provided by polite staff at Polyclinic Atrijum.

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